SEO & Online Marketing

The following is a description of services that were offered by Valtivity in the past.

Search engine optimization with Valtivity is a cost effective process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via natural search results. We can assist you domestically with the same task. Every day, millions of people turn to their computers and look for information on the Web via search engines. It’s estimated that more than 350 million English language Web searches are conducted every day.

Statistics from many sources indicate that almost 70% of new visitors to a website will find it via a search engine. Statistics on how people use search engine indicate that 80% of users never look past the first page. This means that effectively if your site isn’t in the top 20 sites in the search engine for your particular key phrase you will get negligible traffic to the site.

Imagine being in a top rank position, while prospective clients are searching for your service type. Your brand name will receive extensive international exposure and your company’s sales will increase overnight.

Valtivity Optimization

1. Keyword analysis –Valtivity provide free website analysis service by conducting a comprehensive review of your existing site, its content, code, structure, competition, search volumes and website statistics. We then make recommendations on the most cost-effective optimization implementation and work with you to choose the right keywords that will yield the maximum results.

2. On-Site optimization – Second step is targeted at making the website search engine friendly by optimizing its code and structure. It involves web design, content copywriting and placement of Keywords which were selected in the previous step. We carry out this step according to leading search engines guidelines.

3. Off-site optimization – the last step involves increasing number of inbound links from other websites to your site. We perform Web Page submissions to high quality sites and provide you with a comprehensive link building strategy to maintain ranking.

Why SEO with Valtivity?

SEO with Valtivity is free of any risk. Unless you spam or make obvious mistakes, it cannot damage your business.

SEO with Valtivity is affordable, especially in comparison to expensive banner ads which will work only until the marketing budget depletes

Most importantly we have experience in tailoring and optimizing websites for Search Engines.

We have 100% success of bringing websites to top rank positions with specific Key words.