Modern Design Trend in 2018

Bright Colors

We find the best color scheme to compliment your logo and match your brand. A primary color set are used to ensure your content remains the focus of your website. The color scheme should not distract the reader, but rather provide visually stunning appeal to each web page and highlight important page elements such as hyperlinks. Even if you don’t have a professionally designed logo, we’ll provide a simple logo using a styled font and find a bright and fluid color scheme that matches your brand.

Clean Layouts

Web pages are commonly scanned in small chunks rather than read from start to finish. With so many websites to choose from, most people browse pages quickly, scanning only for what appeals to them. We organize your content into layers of relevant content, starting from the keypoints and working down. This structured approach to content layout keeps your visitors engaged and interested, reduces bounce rates (page exits) and highlights your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and training philosophy.

Modern Typography

Website typography involves the selection of typefaces (fonts), point sizes, line and letter spacing. We usually derive the font types for your website from your logo and print material. Special fonts for titles and slogans are generated dynamically for proper indexing by search engines. Clean and simple web standard fonts for the main text maximize readability, while special stylized fonts for titles attract the attention of your visitors and increase the overall appeal of your website.


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